Posted by: Arjun Aiyar | January 7, 2010

Human Magnetism!

A recent article on highlighted a revolutionary discovery that unearths a powerful, yet lesser known concept. Due credit to Gregg Braden, who is a New York Times best selling author, and internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality.

The first significant incident that catapulted this idea to the limelight was the attacks on the world trade centre in New York on September 11, 2001. Scientists found that our satellites in space recorded unusual changes in the earth’s magnetic field while the sentiment of 9/11 precipitated through different nations. In the last few years, scholars have documented similar findings – around local or global events that have been characteristically sensational or sentimental in nature. Admittedly, the New York attacks registered as most significant on the scale. Experiment and findings bear the conclusion that ‘large scale emotions’ of any nature inexplicably alter the earth’s magnetic field. It is noteworthy that this magnetic field is largely responsible for regulating our weather. It affects our ice caps, sea levels, temperatures and winds.

Studies also show that when we as human beings conceive emotions of any kind, a magnetic field is actually generated inside our bodies and this ‘micro field’ interacts with the ‘macro field’ of the planet. Thus, in some small way, our emotions exert its influence on the bigger domain.

While this article may not delve into the deeper science behind these astonishing revelations, it may serve us well to recognize this phenomenon and discuss a few methods to contribute positively for the greater good.

I would express a word of gratitude to my mentor, Basil Harris, who has considerably influenced the conception of these ideas and notions. I will also assign tribute to various other personalities as these views unfurl. Each of these nuggets is an effort towards creating ‘positive magnetic energy’ – such that it aligns beautifully with the field of our planet. You might discover that a diligent and consistent application of these concepts brings about greater benefits than what is apparent.

While these thoughts may not be exhaustive, they certainly are a good foundation – based on which you are able to build a strong and prosperous life.

Let’s call these concepts the ‘FIVE What’s’!

  1. What you think. In her now world famous book and video, ‘The Secret’, bestselling author Rhonda Byrne says, ‘What you think about, you bring about’. Rhonda and numerous other stalwarts in the field of science and human medicine draw a direct correlation between the quality of our thoughts and the quantum of our happiness. While few may claim the ability to completely control their thoughts, the ones that endeavor to consistently ‘think well’ are on the receiving end of numerous material and intangible benefits. Our thoughts are like the big screen of a cinema hall. Since we would not go back and watch a movie that displeased us, it bears to reason that we should abstain from playing such negative movies in the screen of our mind.
    Action: Thoughts about personal success, bringing joy to others and beautiful win – win solutions (to our challenges) empower us with good health, a state of bliss and quality friends. These ‘thought practices’ will undoubtedly align you with ‘positive magnetic energy’ and draw more good into your life. As I had mentioned in one of my previous articles – try it before you deny it!
  2. What you say to others. Author, Hal Urban has written a 200+ page book titled ‘Positive Words, Powerful Results’. In it, he beautifully elucidates how our choice of words can affect not only those around us but also ourselves. When we think back at the moments that have shaped our lives, more often than not, they have been ‘words’ said to us or about us. Perhaps the kind and encouraging words of a teacher at school or the harsh admonishment of a relative. While in many cases, we may not remember the exact words, we can almost always dwell on the emotion that the words produced. In most instances, these emotions are astoundingly strong and have often shaped our lives. If words can evoke such emotion in us – imagine what our words do to others. Urban’s book highlights that the most magnificent thing about words is that it is a choice – our choice.
    Action: Through consistent words of sincere praise, kindness and thanks, we affect the magnetic field of the people around us. Compliment at least two people every day for seven days in a row – and then feel the energy flowing through you and them alike. You will be pleasantly surprised! Another powerful instrument in this context is the act of apology. Self made multi- millionaire and global entrepreneur, Peter Cox, says, ‘apologize when you are wrong’. Then he goes on to say, ‘apologize even if you are right!’ Wise words from one who has influenced thousands of lives and in the process developed his own. The lesson – humility is a powerful tool to invoke positive human magnetism. Use humble words.
  3. What you do for others. Every religious text advocates the notion of ‘doing good unto others’. It might be prudent to highlight that the words are NOT ‘do good only to those, who do good to you!’ My dear friend and award winning ventriloquist, Lindi Jane, has a mantra for life. She says that her greatest weapon is ‘kindness’. It is fascinating to observe how Lindi consciously refrains from judgmental thoughts and is able to see beyond an individual’s outbursts or flare ups.  It’s easy to feel kindness towards one who is kind to you. It’s wise to feel it towards one who is not. Lindi Jane is the personification of this principle. As you apply this standard with a multitude of people, you will find yourself experiencing a sense of inner peace – and a feeling that can best be described as ‘bliss’. Gregg Braden refers to this idea as ‘heart based living’. Mother Teresa said ‘Let no one come to you without leaving happier and better’.
    Action: As a strategy, deliberately allow yourself to indulge in random acts of kindness, warm smiles, friendly nods of acknowledgment, respectful bows and deeds that will add value to others without any gain to you. You will feel powerful energy and positive magnetism.
  4. What you do for yourself. Shalini Verma is a reputed executive coach based in New Delhi. As an entrepreneur, counselor and guide, she has transcended from success to significance by inspiring numerous business and corporate leaders to realize their full potential. Through her company, ‘The Sky Scrapers Academy’, Shalini Verma has coached people in a number of countries and continues to enhance lives through her coactive coaching. Shalini suggests that, while we engage ourselves in good for others (words and deeds), let us not ignore ourselves. Sacrifice does not imply that one needs to forfeit happiness for self. Over a period of time, ignoring your needs will only lead to bitterness, frustration and dissent. Author, motivational speaker and thought leader, Wayne Dyer, proposes that we desist from experiencing guilt whenever we indulge ourselves. He says that it is healthy and important for us to do things that give us joy.
    Action: Here is a simple idea – ‘De –regiment’ your life. Every now so often, break out of a structure or schedule. Do different things. Do things that you have not done before. Do things that feel unusual. Do things at a whim. Be spontaneous. Feel the freedom of acting in the moment and without a plan. This will liberate you to no end. It could be something as ordinary as watching a movie, eating a new kind of food or visiting a museum. It could even be something as abstract as painting a picture, participating in a debate or trying a completely new profession (part time or full time). You may want to try and learn words from another language, test drive a Rolls Royce, wear a new kind of outfit, burst into song, dance on the streets, buy yourself a gift, go for an opera, etc. Don’t worry about what others will think of you. At worst, they will be surprised and at best, they will admire your courage. Most importantly, you will feel good and that is great for your magnetic energy and that of others.
  5. What you write. The power of the written word applies itself in areas as diverse as religion and law. In contracts, agreements and even global treaties – the act of writing something is indicative of emphasis or reinforcement. If the spoken word is expression, then the written word is acceptance and concurrence. Also, while the spoken word can be retracted with reasonable ease, the written word is more difficult to refute or contest. You and I engage in writing using media like letters, emails, sms’, etc. This article is also an example of ‘what you write’ or more precisely ‘what I write’. That we impact others through our written word is an inexorable fact. If you are reading this article, you most certainly use email. And, you surely communicate with a wide array of folks on an assortment of topics.
    Action: Deliberate courteous inclusions in our written notes would be interpreted as an act of nobility. Gracious people use gracious words. A few suggestions – (a) always use ‘Dear’ or ‘Hi’ as appropriate (b) start with a kind greeting or query them on their well being (c) if you have to state something difficult or harsh – do so with finesse (d) ask for their assistance in resolving the challenge – if there is one (e) close with good wishes and / or kind regards. Make this a habit and the positive magnetic energy will reverberate in you and in your readers.

Therefore: What you think, what you say, what you do for others, what you do for yourself and what you write will have a direct bearing on –

  1. What you acquire
  2. What you become and
  3. What you feel!

In closing, D.L. Moody advised people to….

do all the good you can,

to all the people you can,

in all the ways you can,

as long as ever you can…

Use the power of human magnetism to flood your life with unbounded happiness and joy!

(Arjun Aiyar is a corporate trainer, executive coach and motivational speaker based in Dubai. He has two training companies – one in India and the other in the UAE. His organizations cater to corporates and individuals by providing training and coaching in soft skills and behavioural areas. Learn more about Arjun’s business on or



  1. Thank you dear Arjun,

    Simply put you have explained it so beautifully.

    Soar HIGHER than an Eagle, is my wish for you.

    With love, light & gratitude flowing from my heart.


  2. Hey Arjun.. After a long time I got some “me” moments today, and spent some of it reading the fabulous blogs and articles here. Thanks for sharing. They seem so relevant to our daily life/practices.
    Hope you are doing good.

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