Posted by: Arjun Aiyar | September 1, 2013

Time Chime! Improve your R.O.T.I. – Return on Time Investment…

Try These Things:

1. Turn off the beep or chime on your phone & computer – when receiving text messages / emails. (a) When added up, a substantial amount of time is wasted in reading messages that may be irrelevant. (b) The sound interrupts your rhythm causing you to lose focus from your primary task. (c) Your energy is also depleted faster – akin to draining the battery of a car when starting and switching off the engine every 3 minutes!

2. Think strategically: Can you program the chime to ring only when you receive messages from (i) your boss (ii) a few key clients (iii) spouse or partner (iv) any other key stakeholders on that day?

3. Caution: Limit the number of people on this ‘privilege list’ to 7, maybe even 5. Resist getting carried away to include more people than absolutely necessary.  Remember, if it’s important, they will find a way to reach you.

4. Power Tip: Check your email / phone messages no more than 2 to 3 times a day. Let these times be fixed in advance and discipline yourself to adhere to this structure. Over time, you will find that you clients (and often your boss) actually align to your construct and schedule. You will also earn their respect and gain a reputation as a solid professional. Try it before you deny it!

5. Relax: After work hours, you can loosen or terminate these ‘rules’ if you wish. Now is the time to let go of regime and allow for indulgences. Be yourself, let go. Switch on or switch off – as you wish.

Think on These Things:

1. Are your habits a product of inspiration or desperation? Are you operating out of ambition or out of fear?

2. Do you think more about what you may lose, or do you ponder on what you could gain?

3. What really holds you back from letting go of the familiar?

4. Who affects your time allocation decisions? What makes you say that?

5. Of these, who are the top two influencers? Should these two be given the power to shape your day? Why?…

(Arjun Aiyar is an entrepreneur, corporate trainer, executive coach and motivational speaker based in Dubai. He has two training companies – one in India and the other in the UAE. His organizations cater to corporates and individuals by providing training and coaching in soft skills and behavioural areas. Learn more about Arjun’s business on or or read his other articles on his personal blog )


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