Posted by: Arjun Aiyar | February 16, 2014

Trending Towards…

Renowned author and leadership guru, John Maxwell said, ‘People don’t care if you know, until they know that you care’. More now than ever before, customers are able to discern customer service folks that care, against those that just want a piece of their wallet.

It is heartening to observe a greater awareness in today’s customer. This awareness goes beyond a mere astute alertness, it is more akin to an insightful perceptiveness. People at large are awakening to a conscious recognition of an organizations intent versus just its content. As a society, we are now responding to business initiatives that espouse a soul based approach.

With this in mind, allow me to make three predictions about state of business and economics in the times to come:

(1) The Intuitive Customer: At a recent learning forum, a delegate shared instances of how care consistently triumphed over craft. He specifically alluded to a heart – felt, compassionate approach and the results therein. While his past attempts at using aptitude, technique and adroit selling skills had mixed results, an effortless application of innate compassion predictably delivered for him – in terms of sales, service and referrals. The buyer today intuitively connects with, and responds to soul based customer service. With the passage of time, and the prevalence of discernment, the virtue of conscientiousness will become a pre requisite for business success.

(2) The Awakened Leader: Candid conversations with business leaders and followers alike, highlight the growing significance of ‘internal customer satisfaction’ as the route to external customer delight. Staff that are treated well and embraced within the corporate family tend to experience a sense of values alignment. An entity that provides environments supportive to truth and ideals taps into infinite intrinsic motivation within their personnel. The economic outcome of this application in nothing short of remarkable. A ‘people before profits’ approach will soon become the antecedent of assured monetary returns. Clearly, the onus of good (internal) customer service, is less on the customer facing staff, and more on empowered corporate leaders. When soul based leadership becomes a Cause, the Effect is – happy staff. And happy staff actualize happy customers, who in turn attract more happy customers. Increasingly, company heads will find it perilous to evade this code. This transcendence to even-handedness seems almost preordained and I dare say – imminent.

(3) The Enlightened Organization: This forecast is an encapsulation of years of dialogue with evolved individuals and communities from around the world. Herein is a reality that will transform the very basis of our economic methods. Of the three trends, this might just be the most difficult to accept. Regardless, I will assert this prophesy with a sense of certainty and faith. I will also respect the extent of your acceptance of this view. Albeit still under the radar, companies that have imbibed an unswerving commitment to honesty find themselves on solid ground, fortified and upward bound. Without strain, they occupy positions of permanence, assuredness and strength. Revenue and profits are forthcoming and costs remain contained. Their success happens more through serendipitous synchronicities than through strategic maneuvering. The shift is not merely from competition to collaboration… it is instead from competition to contribution. The enlightened enterprise follows an exception-less edict of integrity in all their public communications and private activities alike. They tend to distinguish themselves through candor rather than competence; transparency rather than tenacity, authenticity rather than ardor. Customers gravitate towards genuineness and substance, more now than ever before. At an increasing rate, enterprises that violate public trust are crumbling or at least receding into insignificance. Disingenuous marketing, advertising or PR tends to repel the intuitive customer and disillusion awakened employees. Deceitful methods lead to a purge of both trade and talent. My wise mentor, Basil Harris, has often expounded that ‘You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time’. The soul based organization, through the application of sincerity, honors its patrons, and attracts avalanches of abiding abundance.

Revered motivational speaker and author, Zig Ziglar regularly affirmed, ‘You can have anything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want’.

A relinquishment of our habitual patterns will pave the way from turmoil to triumph. Participation in this trend of truth begets fortunes. The path ahead is ripe for the picking. Faith opens the doorway to unprecedented victory – for you – in the here and now.

(Arjun Aiyar is a corporate trainer, executive coach and motivational speaker based in Dubai. His organization caters to corporates and individuals by providing training and coaching in soft skills and behavioral areas. Learn more about Arjun’s business on or read his other articles on his personal blog )


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